Monday, October 03, 2005

something Nano-y this way comes...

So Friday was the first of October, and consequently the first day of NaNoWriMo sign-ups. I signed up, and helped the hoards of Nanites crash the site for the first time this year! I can't wait to start this year's story. I think it will make Die Complex easier to write if nothing else. Speaking of DC, it's coming along, it really is. Genesis says that I am not to share any part of it with the Creative Writing Club. I think I disturbed her a bit last year when I let her read the first chapter. ^_^;

Speaking of the Creative Writing Club (the name has to be capitalized when typed, its in Article I of out consitution) I'm going to try to organize a write-in or two during NaNoWriMo with the group. Katie80 and I were bouncing some ideas off of each other last weekend, it should be fun.

And on the subject of last weekend, as the post below says, I saw Serenity this weekend. It is an outstanding movie, and I'll leave it at that since the fangirl squeal defies transliteration, and anything else I could say involves spoilers.