Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost Home

Part of my brain is worried about adult things like have I packed all the documentation I need in order to re-enter Spain next month?  What time do I need to leave my apartment in order to check in on time at the airport?  Am I sure? Because I'm really bad at math, and this would not be a good time to miss-read the clock and show up an hour late?  For sure, sure?  What's the most up to date map I can get for Dulles airport, and more importantly, how do I find out things like which gate my flight from Madrid will arrive at, where is the gate for my flight on to DFW, and is two and three quarters of an hour enough time to get from the one to the other, knowing that I will have to go through passport control and customs somewhere along the way?

The other half of my brain keeps saying things like, "I'm gonna' ride on an airplane tomorrow!  Yay! I love airplanes!"

This is not as helpful as I would like.