Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nap Time

I need to finish packing, then I may take my Sunday afternoon nap.  I'd seriously be willing to switch the order on those two activities, but I decided that it would be a good idea to use my bed as a staging area so until I finish packing I don't have anywhere to nap.

After I get back home, maybe I'll be able to catch up on my blogging.  If nothing else, I have a bunch of pictures to share.  For now here's one to tide you over, in honor of today being Good Shepherd Sunday.
For the annoying customs and immigration people who will want to ask all sorts of silly questions when I enter the US again: I have not been anywhere even remotely agricultural in the entire time I have been out of the United States.  I don't know why you might think otherwise.  For everywhere else: if you go to England and take the drive up from Salisbury to Avebury to see the neolithic stone circles, earthen-works, and barrows (which you totally should) security at the site is basically comprised of a sign next to the gate latch that says 'please don't let the sheep out'.  The adult sheep do not particularly care about the humans who occasionally tramp through the fields to point at the rocks they're grazing around, but this about as close as you can get to the lambs before they shy off. 
For extra bonus fun, bring a dog that's used to life in the city with you.  Watch it go nuts trying to figure out what it's supposed to do about these interesting new creatures.  This is only fun for the dog.  The sheep know what their dog is like and are prepared to ignore any others, much the same way that they are prepared to ignore tourists. 

I'll see you soon,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preview of Comming Attractions

I'm about to take off for Easter Break, which means I will be effectively out of communication for the next week and a half (more so than usual I mean). 

For the curious, my schedual looks like this:
April 14 - 16: Vienna, Austria
16-21: homebase in Canturbury, UK; day trip to Bath, Salisbury, etc
21-23: Bratislava, Slovakia
23-25: London
April 25: return to Madrid

Overlapping dates represent the days I move from one city to another.  I'm quite looking forward to it.  At some point in the future, there will be pictures.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pictures from Pompeii

I was in Rome last weekend for my winter break, and I took a day trip down to Pompeii.  I have a bunch of pictures to share.  Right now they have all been unceremoniously dumped here.  Further details will have to wait until tomorrow, because it's really late my time, and I ought to be in bed.  The picture on the left is me crossing the street.  The sidewalks are raised about a foot above the road.  At intersections, there are a series of stepping stones, which allow pedestrians to cross without touching the street, spaced in such a way that the wheels of a cart can still fit around the cross walk.

As a further note, links to pictures on my older posts are now almost assuredly all broken.  This is because I have finally enacted a much needed re-organization of my photo bucket.   I do intend to go back and fix the now broken links, but it will take a while because there is only one of me and there are so very many of them.  The good news is that this re-organization has allowed me to see just how much I haven't shared yet.  It turns out that I've been selfishly sitting on quite a lot of pretty pictures.  Expect to see lots of them in the coming weeks.