Sunday, June 15, 2008

Warning: Incoming Latin

Universitas Dallasensis
Omnibus has litteras visuris
Salutem in Domino
Praesentium Litterarum Vigore
Confirmatur studiorum curriculum ad normam praedictae universitatis rite persolvisse praescriptaque pericula feliciter superasse. Quapropeter curatores universitatis, ex facultatis consulto, eidem academicum gradum,
cum omnibus iuribus, honoribus ac privlegiis huic gradui adnexis, conferentes, hoc diploma, publico universitatis sigilllo munitum, in collati gradus testimonium tradunt.
Datum Dallasii, Die XVIII Mensis Maii Anno Domini MMVIII.

For my non-Latin-speaking audience, all of that means that I am now a certified smart person. Now, diploma in hand, I am facing the fact that it would probably be a good idea for me to learn some Spanish before I head off to graduate school.

I take off for Saint Louis in August, and will be in Madrid at the beginning of October. Interesting things should start occurring around that time. In the meantime, I'm back at my parent's house, working odd jobs so I'll have enough money to fly there and back. This is, if anything, more boring than even regular school stuff, but I don't really have a choice about this.

I saw this flower (see above) growing in my parents driveway. That's what passes for an exciting time here in Flo-Mo.

Until Later,