Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Demon

I was going to post a big long catch-up post to let everyone know what I've been up to since I last wrote* but I have something far more important to discuss than little old ladies trying to pick up Grandpa and my Great Uncle's funeral.

There is a demon in the wall between the Hovel and the hovel next door.

We thought that Something Had Been Done About It because our neighbors complained to the apartment complex and we hadn't heard from the Thing in a while, but it made noise just a moment ago. The current theory is that it is some sort of bird which has gotten trapped in the wall, as the alternatives are just to horrible to contemplate. Given how long it has been in there, we posit that it might be an undead bird, risen from the grave to kill us all, so we have the baseball bat handy Just In Case.

Then Aerisith and I started debating the differences between the terms 'undead' and 'living dead'. As ever, your comments on the subject are welcome, dear reader.


*Here's the short version: I quit my job, I made two back-to-back trips to the frozen north, I applied to grad school, I played a lot of WoW, I read for fun, I didn't burn down the kitchen, and now I'm back in school for my last semester.