Monday, May 09, 2005

The end is near...

My last final is tomorrow. Less then 24 hours from now I will be at home, and in all likely hood, I will be asleep. I've heard sleep is nice.

So because I'm leaving school tomorrow afternoon, the process of packing my stuff is well underway. I was sitting at my desk a few minutes ago, and I got an idea for a story that I wanted to write down, so I yanked open the desk drawer where I keep all my notebooks... and it was empty. I packed my writing stuff earlier today, so I had to get up and go through the back of binders on the other side of my room before I was able to write my idea down. *pouts*

My goal is to spend the rest of this week typing Out of Exile, with an eye towards finishing my bits and getting it back to Genesis before I leave for Colorado in a week. We'll see how it goes. If I finish OoE before I leave, then I'm taking Die Complex with me, otherwise just OcE stuff gets to make the trip. In either case, I'm leaving my dictionary behind and taking my copy of Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank with me. I want to spend the summer working on my German reading comprehenson. I don't feel that I'm quite at the level I should be and I want to fix that before I start advanced classes next semester.

Gah. This semester is barely over, I can't start worrying about next fall yet.

There will probably be nothing from me until school starts again in September. The 56K at home is to slow for updating this thing to be at all worth the time. As a checklist for me once I come back, I present the following goals.
By the time I leave for Colorado, I will have finished typing my changes to OoE.
By the time I come back Colorado, I will have at least one location thought up for Blue Devil's open call.
By the time school starts again, I will have finished at least one German book, not written for small children.
By the time school starts again, I will have finished v.2.0 of DC.

Wish me luck, and see you in three months.

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