Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Victory is mine!

AJ is a god among mortals. He not only has my computer online without wires, and furthermore, he has all three laptops networked to one printer (mine). He then proceded to go next door and repair the damage done to the sound on Katie's laptop last year when she dropped it that one time she tripped on the stairs (although to be fair, she took more damage then the computer did). In exchange, I'm creating a couple of NPCs for his campaign. The poor guy's already created over 40 of them and he's not done yet. He has to have an underground revolutionary front for the PCs to join when they arrive in the city ruled by the theocracy that has outlawed arcane magic.

In other news, I am declaring victory in the War on Grey Walls. Lin and I have posterafyed (not a real word, but it should be: it's a verb meaning to hang posters on everything) all the walls, and hung lights from the cealing. Every available horizontal surface has at least one knick-knack on it. The room officially feels like home.

Classes have started, it's going to be an interesting year. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have no classes whoes focus is English, instead I have Elementary Italian I, Wiemar Germany, and Biblical Hebrew. Dr. Z is very sweet, even though she talks at us very quickly, its better to just play along then to try to take notes in her class. We have a quiz tomorow in her class. It's the fourth time the class has met. It's the second week of school, and we're still studing the winter on 1918/9 in Wiemar. In Hebrew I thought I was doing well, I memorized the alphabet over the weekend like I was supposed to, then on Monday we learned vowels and all bets are off.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I have Fundamentals of Economics and Tolkien. Dr. W, the Econ professor, has a group on facebook devoted to him called "W-- Says Some Funny F***ing Shit!" On the first day of class he had "Scientific Method" written on the board with all sorts of stars and lines highlighting it. He explained that it really didn't have anything to do with the class (but if anyone wanted to talk about how the scientific method applied to economics, he was willing to entertain debate), but he thought that was a cool looking thing to have writen on the board the first day. It's going to be a fun class. Tolkien is taught by the same professor I had for King Arthur last year. Another class with Dr. M (he's normally a French professor, I'm not likely to have him again) and an excusse to read Tolkien, how can this not be good? Now I have seven more weeks to figure out what I am going to write my paper on...

Speaking of writing, I still can not believe that I am done with Out of Exile. I've gone back to work on Die Complex. I really do like the characters, which is, good someone has to: Aihan and Sashinka are not easy to get along with, much less like or love. It's about time to get a new steno for that one, the one I started last November is almost full. (Has it really not even been a year? It feels like I have known these two a lot longer then that.)

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