Friday, November 11, 2005

NaNoWriMo and AM Radio

Actually, those two topics have nothing to do with each other, but I aim to discuss them both anyway.

I ended yesterday with 11,951 words, which beats Monday's goal by aproximatly 300 words. That would be great, except yesterday was Thursday. I am not done writing yet for today, so I'll come up with that number sometime tomorow. I'm getting this thing done, slowly but surely, not dropping out at Week Two for me this year, not me no sir. To that end, Katie80 and I (and anyone else I can rustle up for the occasion) will be meeting tomorrow for a write-in.

Now to spread the gospel of AM talk radio. My roommtes and I discovered this wonderful thing quite by accedent. I had gone home for the weekend, and in the ensuing hurry to get out the door, had forgoten to turn off my alarm clock, as my roommates found out at eight o'clock on Saturday morning. Not knowing which button to push to shut the thing up, my roomates solved the problem by unplugging it. I can't say that I blame them, really. So, Sunday night, I notice that the alarm clock was unplugged and replugg it. I then reset the clock and the alarm, and went to bed without resetting the radio station. It turns out that the defalt station is one of our many AM talk stations.

I have tried every form of music as my wake up station, I have even tried NPR, and I have slept through every one of them, but the nutty guys in the 5-9 block on AM 570 wake me up. As a bonus, they are really, really funny.


nicole said...

Any relation to steve swackhamer?

Yami no Hon said...

Nope, don't know anyone by that name, sorry.