Thursday, January 26, 2006

Details, details

I signed up for a 1 credit, pass fail course here in Rome where we go teach English in one of the local schools. I figured that my Italian isn't very good, and their English isn't very good, so working together one of us has to learn something. The thing is, I was ready to sware, until about five hours ago, that we were going to an elementary school.

Now either the Italian devision of schools is vastly different from the one we use in Texas (not unlikly) or I was just mistaken (also not unlikly). The point is, that the kids, who I will be tutoring, are not what we would call elementary school age in the states. There are mostly in the 13-14 year old range. That would be 7th or 8th grade back home. That would be middle school.

This could get interesting.

Today we just introduced ourselves (14-5 odd of UD students, I didn't count) and played a short game. This ran overtime because there were 13 year olds who had to stop and discuss everything. For the next month or so we're going to write letters back and forth (i.e. the students will write us letters, we'll correct their grammer and write back, and then they will write again) before we go back to the school. At the end of the class in April they are going to come to a luncheon on our campus.

This could get interesting.


dks said...

Ha ha ha ha ha
You're teaching Middle School!

Nanny nanny boo boo.

There is a God! Sometimes payback comes in the most interesting way. For all those years you scorned my love of these little critters--you finally get it.

I think you will find they are a delightful mix of very clever and very naive. They still want to learn and for the most part are not jaded. There is still that childish spark that is endearing and yet there is a taste of the young adult they are about to become.

Enjoy them! They will get (some) of your jokes!

Remember, I did not say ITYS.

Your favorite Middle School English Teacher :-)

Jenny said...

lol! have fun with the kiddies! do tell me any wonderful stories about this experiment. i'd love to hear about it!