Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I'm slowly plugging away with the writing here, but my 1500 -2000 word history paper comes first. On the other hand, I have pictures of Greece up in the photobucket. Click here, or use the link on the right. Also, there's a new link to my Elfwood site, its been around for a while I just don't talk about it. Odd that I'm more comefortable showing complete strangers my artwork than people I know.

If nothing else, maybe I can get caught up with posting my pictures before the semester ends. That shouldn't be to bad, because I can load them while I work on papers, right?

After I finish this paper for history, I can start considering another 4-5 page paper for Lit Trad, 4 more journals for the same, and a two page philosophy paper over Nietzche. Once that gets done, I have final exams. There are less than 30 days left in the semester for me. Where did the time go?

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