Monday, October 16, 2006

Look Ma! i'm on teh Internets!!!!!1

UD Radio is radio in name only: the last vestiges of a dying technology. Soon campus radio will be remembered only as a quaint tradition we used to practice back in the benighted days of the Eisenhower administration. Soon after that, its name will be changed to UD Podcasts, or whatever new technology will replace this.

Genesis and I recorded the first session of the Groundling Revolution today. Sometime tomorow it ought to go online, and you will all be able to listen to it at Make me happy listen to our pitiful efforts to work the computer. Our show is comprised of showtunes, and we started things off with songs about revolutions, or at least really big changes.

It took us two hours to record 45 minutes worth of programing. Hopefully someone will appriciate it.


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