Friday, March 02, 2007

The Die Is Cast

Well there have been a few major developments here at the apartment this past week.

The first is that I had my interview to be an RA next year. I should know before Spring Break (so before next Friday) if I got the possition or not. I'm nervious, my application looked good, and I had good references, but I was a little shakey at the begining of my interview. The last part of it was not a problem, but the first two or three questions I gave crap answers for, so I don't know. *knocks on wood*

The other big news is that Jenny is done with her THESIS! She printed it off this morning as I was heading to me first class. She'll have turned the thing in before I see her again this afternoon, and returned her library books as well. This morning she made a show of removing all the sticky notes from her references, because she doesn't need them anymore.

Yami, who will try to post more frequently.

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