Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Poke Poke

I'm making yet another attempt to resucitate this blog. We'll see how far I get this time. I havn't been writing as much as I want to lately, here or on anything else, and I aim to fix that. My plan is to post a different picture everyday and a paragraph or two about it. For now, I have more than enough pictures saved on my harddrive to be getting on with, but soon I'll find my camera and take some new ones.

Day 1:
The Egyptian Museum in Berlin has, amongst other cool things, a collection of papyrus. This particular one is relativly recent, for starters it was written on this side of the AD/BC break, sometime in the 7th Century. It is writien in coptic, and is a record of a debate between St. Cyril and a group of pagan philosophers about the sole existance of the Christian God.

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