Monday, October 22, 2007

Well Done, Maintance Guys

In what may be a record for efficiency in this apartment complex, the broken window has been repaired.

On my way to class at about 11:30 this morning, I stopped by the office and told them about the window, and was told that someone would be out either today or tomorrow. When I came back for lunch at two, the window was still broken. I went to talk to Dr. M about the possibility of double majoring, and then to my last class. When I walked in 15 minutes ago, the window was fixed.

This is a good thing. Especially since the weather has gone from hot, humid, and miserable (yesterday) to chilly, windy, rainy, and miserable (today). The change in weather means two things. 1.)Summer is finally over. 2.)I need to go to my parents' house and get the rest of my jackets and sweaters out of storage. :)

In other news, 9 days left by my count until NaNoWriMo starts. That also marks the third anniversary of this little blog.


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