Thursday, May 04, 2006

Done and Done

Well finals are over, and primal screams of an ephemeral combination of joy, victory, frustration, and rage have left the throats of one and all. My roomates and I have taken great joy in throwing away every hand out we have been given all year one at a time. The room looks like it has been hit with a very selective white paper tornado. Packing has also begun in earnest as everyone has realized that the buses are leaving for the airport (alas, I won't be on it) at 4 o'clock in the morning, and we all seem to have accumulated a lot of stuff.

One last pull through my notes turned up two more worth while quotes.

The first is from Dottoressa Lytle, the director of Student Life, who's job is mainly to worry about us: “Watch when you’re crossing the street and be careful when you’re sitting on bridges.”

The second is from Dr. Stibora, about Jesus and Peter, he paraphrases the Gospel a bit: “I’m changing your first name. You’re no longer Simon, you’re new name is Rock.”


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