Wednesday, May 10, 2006

London bridge is falling down, falling down...

Actually, I've completely failed to go to London Bridge. I did cross a bridge today, and it was in London, but it was Blackfriars Bridge. Why did I cross the bridge? To get to the otherside, because that's where the Globe is.
I saw Coriolanus, which I had never seen nor read before, but I now heartily recomend. (Seriously, go get out your copies of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and read it, I'll wait. ... Done yet? OK, moving on.) I was a groundling, and payed £7* for the privalige, which is 1,400% inflation from the Bard's time. I may get over this eventually. One of the many things that I thought was well done about this performance was the use of the space. The pleblian characters were frequently down on the ground, mingling with the audiance while the patricians were striding about the stage, speachify-ing.

I'd say that there will be pictures... but there won't be. I snuck a couple of the inside of the theater before the performance began, but you're not allowed to record the performance**.

Tommorow I'm heading back to Rome, the land of really cheap food (and the peasents rejoice). I like London, but with the Dollar/Pound exchange rate what it is*** I can't afford to stay any longer. That and I told Mikey that I'd be back on campus Friday to get the rest of my stuff.

(Almost) on the road again,

*Aw, look: the cute little British keyboard has a key for both the Pound and Dollar signs.
**That's true of most plays come to think of it.
***a little over two dollars to the Pound

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