Monday, November 22, 2004

An excerpt to melt your heart.

I got to go to the Christ Batty book signing last Saturday! \/\/007!
Right now I am sitting at 24,906 and I'm aiming for at least 26,672 by the end of the night but I have to stop and share this bit. It made me cry when I wrote it.

Sashinka and Aodhan are on their way back to the car after the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve:

“Oíche chiúin, oíche Mhic Dé, Cách 'na suan dís araon. Dís is dílse 'faire le spies Naíon beag, leanbh ceansa 'gus caomh. Críost, 'na chodladh go sámh. Críost, 'na chodladh go sámh. Oíche chiúin, oíche Mhic Dé, Aoirí ar dtús chuala 'n scéal. Allelúia aingeal ag glaoch. Cantain suairc i ngar is i gcéin. Críost an Slánaitheoir Féin. Críost an Slánaitheoir Féin.” Aodhán sang the song quietly on the way out to the car.

“Was that Silent Night?” Sashinka asked.

“Yes it was.” Aodhán responded.

“Was that Gaelic you were singing it in?” The elf answered.

“Yes, it was the first song I ever memorized. My mother taught me the Gaelic before she died. It is one of the few things I remember about her. Every year on Christmas Eve as we went home from church she would sing Silent Night in Gaelic. I can still hear her voice when I close my eyes, floating through the cold night air like an angel’s song.” Aodhán was glad of the darkness in the night; it hid the tears welling in his eyes, which he blinked back stubbornly.

Right. I'm going back to work now.

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