Monday, November 08, 2004

Scientific Progress Goes Boink?

I have made it all the way to 3,173 words so far, and I am hoping to get some more in tonight. I realized that I don't know any good Gaelic phrases for Aodhan to toss in to his conversation. A thread in the NaNo forums and a goggle search have not produced much, although I did learn how to say "May a pitiless bureaucrat destroy your ill-gotten wealth" in Gaelic, and surely that counts for something.

The genre is now Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Alternate Universe Earth. My short summary is Odyssey meets the Godfather in a solar system on the brink of war, with an Irish assassin as the protagonist. The male MC (said assassin) is Aodhan Kelly. There ought to be an accent on that 'a', but the alt+ codes hate me. The female lead is Sashinka Taumaril, an elf from Pluto sent to find Aodhan and bring him back to the city of Styx-Acheron-Plethegeron with her. Absolutely no hilarity ensues, this is a serious novel.

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