Sunday, November 07, 2004

So I decided to take it in a bit of a different direction...

I wrote about 1,500 words, decided that I didn't like where things were going and started over. This is a bad way to meet a deadline. I wouldn't advise it. Anyway now I'm just about to where I was when I decided to restart, and I only lost a week, including those three days when I didn't do anything.

As it stands now, I'm keeping the title and two of the characters from the old plot and I'm going off in a different direction. And I have the proper background music to write this to, now -- between what the Chef and I already had and what the Leprechaun let me borrow I have 25 and a half hours of Irish/Celtic Music. Now if I had a day straight just to write (and no Internet access to distract me ^_~) that would be great. As I said above, I'm caught up to where I was when I restarted (OK, so Sasha quoted a Tennyson poem verbatim, but she had a good reason and it was one of his shorter ones). With a little bit of luck I should get another chapter in tonight.

For now, I leave you with this quote from Chapter One:
The cold November rain was drizzling down again when Sashinka and Aodhan emerged from the pub. He led the way quietly down the street and Sashinka followed him, the four-inch heels of her boots clicking on the sidewalk. They
strolled along in silence, turning first one corner, then another. The elf looked about her, it had been years since she had last visited and the years and the rain and the night did the town no favors. Buildings that she remembered as holding thriving businesses stared out at her through empty eyes lidded with "For Sale" signs. She sighed, not for the last time, her breath hanging before her in a little cloud that was snatched away by the wind and the slow rain.
Good Night Everyone.

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